River LINE Redevelopment Opportunities

In Fall of 2019, NJ TRANSIT solicited written expressions of interest from qualified and experienced developers to develop land owned by NJ TRANSIT along the thirty-seven (37) mile River LINE right-of-way, including twenty-one (21) station areas across fifteen (15) municipalities, into vibrant TOD projects that support local and regional land use planning and economic development goals, and NJ TRANSIT’s transportation mission.

NJ TRANSIT’s goal was to obtain information and feedback to assess the viability of making all or a portion of its River LINE station area parcels available for redevelopment, and NJ TRANSIT will review submitted EOI Responses to assess private and/or public interest in the River LINE properties, including market suitability, recommended land uses, potential opportunities and constraints, conceptual development scenarios and other factors that would inform overall project delivery.

If and when NJ TRANSIT elects to proceed with a project, NJ TRANSIT may issue a formal Request for Qualifications or Proposals for one or more station areas. Solicitations will be available on this website.